Vision Exams

Worried about a vision problem you’re having or just want routine eye care? Then Kerrville Eye Center is the place for you. Here at our office we offer our patients comprehensive vision exams, aided by our experience and compassionate eye care team. Routine eye exams are crucial to keeping your eyes healthy. They can detect diseases like glaucoma and dry eye disease, which normally go unnoticed. Early detection can prevent a treatable eye disease from turning into something more damaging. Take action and stop these silent diseases in their tracks by getting routine eye exams, even when you don’t think you need it.

At Kerrville Eye Center, our eye exam includes:

  • Tests to assess how sharp your vision is and determine if you need a prescription
  • Measuring the intraocular pressure of the eye for signs of glaucoma
  • Checking for signs of disease or abnormalities in the external and internal structures of the eye that could potentially affect vision
  • Dilated exam if you need a more thorough assessment of the eye

Ready to take your first steps in caring for the health of your eyes? Call Kerrville Eye Center today to schedule an eye exam!